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4 days - 3 nights

Seram is the largest island in southern Maluku Province, and according to local beliefs it is the "Nusa Ina" or "Mother Island" where all people of Central Maluku once came from. The island is very mountainous and includes the highest mountain in Maluku. It offers excellent trekking opportunities, and has unique bird species. The wilderness on Seram is beautiful, especially in the central part of the island, where the Manusela National park is. Here you can truly admire the untouched nature. In the jungle you can find several traditional Alifuru villages.

By boat you can ascend the Salawai River where you can enjoy the view on the jungle from your boat. 

Seram is also rich in beautiful beaches where you can relax and swim.Other attractions are Ora Beach resort and Sawai village on the northern coast with nice accommodation, good snorkeling and interesting off shore islands. Overall a good choice for the adventure seeking travelers!

Trip Details


You will  sleep in a  simple guesthouse floating on the sea. This includes one or two day hotel stay in Ambon before and after traveling.


Full meals included in the guesthouse. 

Facilities & Services

Cold shower and toilet.


You will be accompanied by a Gandong Tours guide. 
We can also accommodate a private guide or a specialist guide (for example a birding guide on request).


Day 1

Depart from Ambon at 9:00 a.m. for a 2 hour trip by fast boat. We will lunch on the way. After arriving on Seram we continue driving to our guest house.


Day 2

Today, we will trek into the jungle under the guidance of a nature guide. We will explore the beautiful mountains, nature, different kind of insects and animals. We continue by car to visit some Alifuru tribes (the original people of Maluku) in the mountains. We will lunch on the way. After arriving back at our guest house, there is time to swim in front of the guest house, enjoy tea time and watching the beautiful sunset. After some relaxation we will prepare for dinner. 


Day 3

On day 3 we will make a river boat trip to visit some islands. There is plenty of time to swim, snorkel and explore some beautiful spots on the way. We will stop for a picnic at the beach and enjoy our lunch there. 


Day 4

In the morning we will make a 20 minute trip by boat to a village, from where we will continue with the car to the capital city of Seram. From there we will take the fast boat back to Ambon. 


* Remarks

If due to health conditions you cannot cope with the jungle trip, we can skip the jungle trip and visit the tribes in the mountains by car.

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