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4 days - 3 nights

Diving tourists often visit Saparua, as it has some excellent dive spots and beautiful corals. Saparua has plenty of bungalows, guesthouses, lodges and resorts. Other nice places for the more culture and history seekers are Duurstede Fort, the daily market in kota Saparua, the traditional baileu's and the pottery makers in Ouw. If you are interested in a combination of relaxing, nature and history, Saparua is definitely worth visiting.

Trip Details


You will sleep in a simple guesthouse. This includes one or two day hotel stay in Ambon before and after traveling.



Meals are not included in the guesthouse. We will provide a lunch box during the tour. 


Facilities & Services

Cold shower and toilet.



You will be accompanied by a Gandong Tours guide. 


Day 1

Depart from Ambon at 9:00 a.m. for a 45 minute trip by fast boat.The taxi will pick us up at the harbor, from where we continue driving to our guest house. There we will lunch and have some rest at the guest house.

In the afternoon we will visit "For Duurstede" (originated from the VOC time) and after that there is a possibility to swim and watch the beautiful sunset at Saparua's white sandy beach. 

Day 2

This day we will dive into the local customs and traditions. We will have a lot of local encounters by visiting some villages exploring the process of making sago (pukul sagu), sago cookies and the making of Saparua's famous and well known pottery. 

In the afternoon we will head back to the guest house and have some relaxation and tea time. 


Day 3

Today we will make a boat trip. By speedboat we will visit the hideaway island of Molana. This blissful island has some excellent snorkeling spots and combined with its white sandy beach its a true remote paradise. There we will picnic. In the late afternoon we will head back to the guest house.  


Day 4

In the early morning (07:00 a.m.) we will head back to Ambon by fast boat. 

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