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5 days - 4 nights

Isolated from the rest of Maluku, the little islands that make up the Banda archipelago are a wanted tourist destination in Maluku. The volcanic islands are surrounded by colorful coral reefs and pearl white beaches, making it a small paradise. Bandaneira has a wealth of cultural heritage, as there are magnificent forts, colonial houses, mosques and churches to find.  In history, Banda used to be the world's only source of good quality nutmeg. Nowadays the islands have become a quiet backwater, and the colonial architecture have remained very well preserved. Banda offers magnificent possibilities for boat trips and walks in the spice plantations with its nutmeg, clove and cinnamon trees. The surrounding seas of Banda contains some of the richest marine life in all Indonesia with dolpins, orca's, various whale species, dogtooth tuna's, enormous schools of fusiliers, redtooth triggerfish and the native Ambon scorpionfish. Coral reefs here are largely undamaged. The most beautiful coral reefs are located at the height of the smaller islands Karaka and Ai. There are budget guest houses and a more upmarket hotel in Banda, all beautifully located. Banda also offers a specific cuisine, with amazingly tasty dishes. 


Add this all together and you have a perfect destination for the nature, culture and history seekers.

Trip Details


You will  sleep in a  simple guesthouse or a nice hotel (this depends of your request). This includes one or two day hotel stay in Ambon before and after traveling.



Full meals are included in the guesthouse. 


Facilities & Services

Cold shower and toilet.



You will be accompanied by a Gandong Tours guide. 


Day 1

Depart from Ambon at 9:00 a.m. for a 4 hour trip by fast boat or a 1 hour trip by plane (a plane is not always available due to its rare flying schedule). After arriving at the harbour we will walk 5 minute to the nearby situated guest house. There we will lunch and have some rest.

In the afternoon we will have city tour, visit some Fortresses (former VOC), Old Church, Mini Palace and see the local market.

Day 2

This day we will have a boat trip to Banda Besar (Lonthor island). We will visit the nutmeg plantation and Fort Holandia, and on our way we will come across some other interesting things. Afterwards there is time to snorkel around the islands of Mount Api (please bring your snorkle gear). Lunch will be provided on the island.

In the afternoon we will head back to the guest house and have some relaxation time and tea time. 


Day 3

Today we will visit Ay Island and Rhoon island and see its historical places. On our way we will stop for snorkeling. In the afternoon we will return to our guest house.


Day 4


We will explore Hatta island for snorkling en swimming.Hatta is so beautiful white sand beach and beautiful coral.You will enjoy it to be there.


Day 5

After breakfast we will preparing for heading back to Ambon by fast boat.



If a plane is available, this trip to Banda can be also booked for less days. 

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