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4 days - 3 nights

The Kei Islands belong to a group of islands situated south east of Ambon and Seram; including Kei Besar, Kei Kecil, Tanimbar Kei, Kei Dulah, Dulah Laut, Kur, Taam and Tayandu.


The most popular island is Kei Kecil, which is connected by a bridge to the neighboring island of Dullah. The bridge also connects the twin towns of Tual and Langgur. The Kei Islands have the most beautiful beaches of whole Indonesia with a great diversity of marine life with many different sea turtle species and exotic fish types. Pasir Panjang on Kei Kecil is the most famous beach, with a dazzling white sandy beach and seawater as blue as the sky.


In contrast to the flat island Kei Kecil, Kei Besar is mountainous and heavily forested, and therefore more attractive for the active type of tourists. Northern Kei Besar has some of the finest and most accessible rainforest of southern Maluku, where birdwatchers can have rewarding forest walks. Altogether a good choice for the nature and adventure seeking tourists.

Trip Details


You will  sleep in a simple guesthouse nearby the sea. This includes one or two day hotel stay in Ambon before and after traveling.



Full meals are included in the guesthouse. 


Facilities & Services

Cold shower and toilet.



You will be accompanied by a Gandong Tours guide. 


Day 1

Depart from Ambon at 12:00 p.m. for a 2 hour flight. From the airport in Kei it's a 30 minute drive to our guest house. There we will have tea time and enjoy the sunset. 


Day 2

Today we will have a busy scheduled tour. We start by visiting the local market, having a city tour and visit the Hwang cave. We will continue by boat to visit some beautiful islands for snorkeling. After enjoying a picnic on one of these islands, we will hop over to Bair island to see its astonishing rock surroundings. After that we will head back to the guest house and prepare ourselves for dinner. 


Day 3

This day we will visit Ngurtafur Beach. This beach differentiate itself by its natural beauty and exotic white sandy beach, that spreads out from Warbal Island all across the sea for two kilometers long and seven meters wide. Due to the crystal clear sea water you can see the coral reefs beneath the water. That makes Ngurtafur Beach a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. 


Day 4

Today we will  head to Kei's  airport for our flight back to Ambon.

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