The story behind Gandong Tours

My name is Atha Hitijahubessy and I am the founder of Gandong Tours.

The meaning of "Gandong" is brotherhood, as it is my heart desire that by means of my services as a tour guide I would like to build a bridge of friendship between my culture and the culture of the people I guide around. 


Gandong Tours all began with a dream to combine my interest in tourism with the desire to give something back to the islands of where I am from. I am born in Titawaai on the island of Nusalaut, which is situated east of Ambon. During my studying time in Ambon my interest in tourism started to grow. I realized Maluku has a lot of potential, and I felt the urge to do something with it. That's why I love to help people with their traveling to Ambon, to arrange their tickets, trips and excursions. 

During the past years I have build up a great network of friends in the traveling industry, which makes it even more fun!

Besides my interest in tourism I am also often involved in missions trips to islands surround Ambon, to help local people and invest something valuable in their lives. 

Last time I was intermediary for a project where a Dutch primary school raised money by means of doing small chores for two primary schools in Seram. Being part of that was a big blessing for me!


Moreover I also work as a freelancer for different projects in and outside of Ambon; lately I have done a couple of projects where I was the local producer for several documentaries for the Dutch television.


I will be more than glad to offer my assistance during your stay in Maluku! 


The mission of Gandong Tours is by means of the service as a tour guide; building a bridge of friendship between the Maluku culture and the culture of the people we guide around, while in the same time giving something back to the local Maluku people. For that reason our focus when guiding people around is to let them have a real Maluku experience from an authentic and unique point of view, letting them have an encounter with the lives of locals and showing them places general tourists will hardly see.


The vision on the longer term is by means of tourism we want to make a living for the locals on a sustainable and fair way. Always focussing to preserve the unspoiled nature, the authentic culture, the pureness of the lives of local tribes and the many treasures which makes Maluku so unique and special.




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